A quick walk round the GTD6500R straight off the production line

Join GTD Director Nicholas & Alex Bosch (GeoTech Developments) as they give us a quick tour around the GTD6500R and some of it's key features.

Watch the video above to hear why Alex believes that the GTD6500R is potentially the most complete and productive ground source drilling rig for the UK market regarding cost and capability

The GTD6500R features include:

292hp motor;

16t pull up;

6t push down;

Triple clamps;

Automated rod rack and handling system;

6m rods;

Dual centrifugal mud pumps (main and spare);

Air drilling triplex mist pump;

Auxiliary hydraulics for pit pumps;

Hammer oiler;

Main winch;

Wireline winch;

7.5Kw generator (240v/110v);

Arc welder;

Remote control tracking

(Optional high pressure/flow duplex piston pump on request)

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